Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alternative Rain Venues

When planning an outdoor wedding ceremony it is prudent to include a Rain Venue Alternative. This will alleviate any stress on the day. The Bride & Groom above had booked the tranquil UWA Sunken Gardens, but Mother Nature decided to provide a precipitous blessing.
The suppliers, such as ourselves, the Celebrant and Touched By Angels were aware of the Alternative Venue and the seamless transition meant the service started on time and that the setting was as romantic and stunning as expected. The eaves at Winthrop Hall had been booked as the rain venue and this ensured our happy couple were kept high and dry, and that the other Bridal Parties who assumed they would be able to use the area for photo's were disappointed. So plan ahead! There is a very interesting article 'Rainy Day' in the Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine.