Sunday, November 27, 2011

Karta Garup Lookout Perth Western Australia

Outdoor Weddings in Perth present unique opportunities and challenges for the Bride and Groom with many considerations required. Do you provide market umbrellas and chairs for the older family members? Will it be windy? What if it rains? Is there disabled access? By addressing these issues when planning your special day and by organising appropriate solutions and contingency plans, will ensure the day is stress free and enjoyable for all.
The Bride and Groom pictured above at Kings Park's Karta Garup Lookout, experienced the perfect wedding day by engaging the legendary planner Lara White from White Events .
Lara had everything under control, from the precision Entry of the Bride, down to the superb floral arrangements (attached to the Lookout balustrade with White Silk ties), the secured Market Umbrella (weighted accordingly to cater for the 18 knot Sea Breeze) to the pristine White Carpet, nothing was left to chance or the fickleness of Mother Nature. This made the day a memorable and exciting event for all present.